This easy 60-minute walking tour around Siding Spring Observatory retraces the history of the observatory and includes a visit inside Australia’s largest telescope, the Anglo Australian Telescope. This family-friendly tour will leave you in awe of the big white dome telescope and will dazzle you with the amazing science that is conducted on site.


For over 25 years, Fred Watson was Astronomer-in-Charge of this amazing telescope. Join him, David Malin (‘the man who coloured the stars’) and other special guests, as your host Marnie Ogg shows you around. Each guest provides personal insights into what they do at the observatory, the heavenly science they observe, and points out the stunning geological features of the Warrumbungle National Park, too.


Come for the views, and leave with a deeper understanding of the night sky and where the future lies for Australian astronomy.

Australia’s Largest Telescope Walking Tour


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