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Location Triggered 
Tour Apps

Download these tours before you leave and enjoy a guided tour on your way, or inside the

Anglo Australian Telescope

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Will be sent to you after purchase

Codes are not case-sensitive.


• You can download the tour at any time, before or after your booking date. Each code is good for three devices.
• Download the tour before you set off for the starting point as coverage in Coonabarabran is unreliable.
• When the download completes, you’ll see a screen with a photo of the starting point and directions to it. The redstart button will become active when you are at the starting point.

• The download should only take a few minutes to complete. If it takes longer, please cancel the download, go to Account, select Purchased and download the tour from there.

• Remember to bring your own headphones, unless you have booked a driving tour.

• Please rate us at the end of the tour, every comment helps.

For technical support and other queries, please email  

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