Dark Sky Park

Will Sydney get a Dark Sky Park? ABC Breakfast Show interviews Marnie Ogg to find out.

ABC Breakfast Show - Marnie Ogg
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Star Factor

Revealed: Night Sky Park plan for Palm Beach

Sydney Observatory wants Australia's first urban dark sky park

In a sea of light in the centre of a growing metropolis Marnie Ogg wants to build a sanctuary of darkness – a park dedicated to the night sky.

The Australian woman defending our night sky

Sydneysider Marnie Ogg is one of the few people around the world we trust to protect the night sky. How did she get this title, and what does she do? 

‘A full moon every 50 metres down the road’: Urban night sky parks to curb light pollution

The Northern Beaches may be home to Australia’s first urban night sky park. But why aren’t we applying good lighting principles everywhere?

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