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The Volcanic Solar System

In some parts of the world, volcanoes are an important part of everyday life. In space, too, they are more common than you might imagine. In this informative and entertaining talk, astronomer Fred Watson explains what we know about volcanoes in the Solar System. They occur in a wide variety of different forms, ranging from sulphurous lava-fountains to extinct giants, and from weird volcanic domes to frigid ice-volcanoes. Don’t miss the latest Cosmic Relief to find out what’s erupting in space!

Science vs. Fake News
- an old challenge in a new guise -

Fake news is not new. Intentionally misleading stories have been around for centuries, but today, everyone’s a journalist (or thinks they are), and advertising revenue drives social media sites. Fake news ranges in malicious intent from misleading headlines to totally fabricated content, and astronomy and space science are particularly vulnerable because we admit what we don’t know. In this fully-illustrated and entertaining talk, Fred Watson explores the universe of fake news.

Astronomy in Times of Crisis

In an international emergency like the present one, you might expect the science of the stars to be the last thing on people’s minds. The problems facing both individuals and governments are infinitely more pressing than events in the depths of space. Yet throughout history, astronomy has shown extraordinary resilience in times of crisis, maintaining public support as a key activity. Today, that resilience is more important than ever, with new giant telescopes on the brink of construction. In this talk, Fred Watson investigates astronomy’s survival through troubled times.


The Universe for Everyone

Welcome to Mars - not our planet B

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