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Dark Sky Traveller


30 years of travel experience, a desire to get off the well-worn routes and a passion for the nighttime environment makes Dark Sky Traveller your unique travel and event option. 

“Marnie and Fred put on wonderful trips - private as such with luxury- exceptionally well planned.” 

Anne - Narrabeen

“The destinations hold magic, as do Marnie and Fred.” 

Sue - Newtown

“Fabulous venues! Great organisation, informative guides and small groups. Definitely coming back for more!” 

Sandy - Wentworth Falls

“Auroras, eclipses, nights without light pollution. History, observatories and great company… : wow! some of my top travel memories.” 

Neville - Coogee

“10 years filed with the most wonderful experiences. Interesting people and exciting itineraries. What more can you ask for?” 

Joy - Manly

" Without you Marnie and your time-consuming passion to make every person happy we would not have enjoyed seeing as much of this wonderful world.

Many many thanks."

Ruth - Gladesville

" Your engagement with us provided the tour with a feeling of adventure and discovery."

Ro - South Australia

“The underground visit to the large Hadron Collider was totally mind blowing…. Then, I sat in Einstein’s chair. Brilliant!” 

Judy - Sydney

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