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Dark Sky Motives

My love for the nighttime environment is well documented.

For the past 6 years I have become increasingly driven to leave this natural asset as a legacy for future generations. To do this for my birthplace in the Northern Beaches, would be a privilege.

Establishing a business and a charity related to this cause has allowed me to see the many benefits the night environment brings to the people who participate in these activities. Joy, inspiration, curiosity are beneficial outcomes.

As a member of the Northern Beaches Urban Night Sky Park working group, I have seen the members debate the pros and cons considering the relevant details. What I have not heard defined is the management of the public and ongoing outreach programs.

As part of the IDA submission process, a lighting management plan needs to outline how the park will use light, when, how, why, and what sort. Equally, the submission requests how the stakeholders will uphold the ongoing education of the Dark Sky principles. The IDA requirement is for four events each year. There is no call for the events to be large in volume, to involve thousands of people nor for grand sums of money to be made.

Any objection raised in placing an Urban Night Sky at Palm Beach with fears of large number of night time visitors can be allayed by ensuring that the submission includes:

  • minimum and maximum number of events each year

  • maximum number of attendees

  • who has permission to hold the events

  • where proceeds, if any are used

A successful badging of Palm Beach as an Urban Night Sky Place was never, and should never be intended as a commercial opportunity. Rather this should be worn with pride by the residents of the Northern Beaches who have an area of beauty; day, and night.

Marnie Ogg - As read to Northern Beaches Council, Meeting 24 August 2021



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