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Totally Eclipsed!


Dallas Texas.

The day I had the joy of witnessing the Eclipse 2024 with 20 Dark Sky Travellers.

Despite the swiftly moving blanket of grey clouds above and the hours spent seeking out clear sky alternatives, the day began on a high note when the bus of our guests readying themselves for teh day ahead, was unexpectedly full 30 minutes early. The collective excitement for the day's adventure, particularly the prospect of visiting a winery, instantly brightened the atmosphere.

TIME - Sugar Ridge Winery - 12. 38pm

It might sound corny, but I really mean it when I say I feel immensely privileged to have the opportunity to share such a remarkable event. To create and lead such a program, and to share this momentous occasion with fellow travellers is a gift. Fostering connections and creating memories that will last a lifetime, as we come together to witness the wonders of the universe.

Solar eclipses have long been profound teachers, offering insights into the sun and our solar system while connecting us with our ancestors and their sense of wonder. They stand as one of the most captivating phenomena in the sky, brimming with adventure and drama.

For me, eclipses serve as a means of drawing people together in an adventure with an unknown outcome. The brief period of being enveloped in the moon's shadow seems to amplify the boundless wonder of our universe. It serves as a reminder that some of life's most memorable experiences are those that unfold unexpectedly.

TIME - From the ground up - 12.46pm


Throughout history, solar eclipses were often interpreted as foreboding signs for rulers and their realms, hinting at potential threats to personal health or the stability of the kingdom. However, these fears fuelled millennia of scholarly inquiry. Originating in Mesopotamia, scholars sought patterns in historical records to understand these celestial events. This pursuit has led to a modern era where we can predict the intricate movements of celestial bodies centuries in advance, transforming what was once cosmic anxiety into predictable celestial mechanics.



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