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Eggs and Aurora - the link

My chicken laid an egg.

That’s what chickens do… right?

The man in the feedlot said they often start to lay in Autumn, and he was right. The first perfect little brown egg sat in the nesting box appropriately on Easter Sunday. The 4 month wait suddenly seemed worthwhile.

What my chickens continue to educate me about is the cycle of life. Sun goes up, sun goes down. It’s routine, constant and reassuring. They dawdle in to the coup at dusk and place themselves on a perch, at dawn they are cackling in excitement about the day ahead. Even the feedman knew when they'd lay an egg.

But what happens if we add a disrupter like light, or take it out of this regime?

I came to understand light and its impact on me as a human vessel during Polar Night in 2014. In search of the Aurora in northern Norway sunlight was taken away from me for 8 days. When I reached Uppsala days later, I joined the throng of people sitting on the town hall steps, eyes closed transfixed by the sun on their skin. The warm rays never felt so good!

Join Fred and me, as we pursue the Northern Lights and delve into the blue season this year. A light show for New Years' Eve you'll never forget.



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