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Joe Hockey Once Said about Siding Spring Observatory

"Everyone should visit at least once in their life!"

Now that Siding Spring is Open to Tourism, what are our guests saying!?

My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed touring the Anglo-Australian telescope at Siding Spring. It was easy to book with Dark Sky Traveller and Brannock was an enthusiastic and informative tour guide. My favourite part was the amazing views from the catwalk but it was also very cool when they moved the telescope to test the mechanism while we were there. A great experience.

The tour inside and out of the Anglo-Australian Telescope was amazing, very informative guide, this is a must see you should go!

What could be better than having the Universe as the subject and Donna (the astronomer) as our expert guide... An overwhelming astronomical experience - and then add in the opportunity to walk through the observatory and around the perimeter of the building at height and to see the Warrumbungles. Not to be missed!!



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