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Proposed Sydney Urban Night Sky Place may need to find a new home

Do you like looking at the night sky?

For over two years the Northern Beaches Council has been investigating the opportunity to designate Governor Phillip Park at Palm Beach as an Urban Night Sky Place with the International Dark-Sky Association. A UNSP celebrates and preserves the natural asset that is the nighttime environment.

This area is remarkably rare.

The quality of the site is partly due to the fact that the headland is surrounded by water and national parks but is also due to the great work that the council and local residents have done to maintain relatively low levels of light pollution in the area. Being close to a city and yet still able to see the night sky so clearly is priceless.

This should be preserved.

  • Broad community consultation has been overwhelmingly positive.

  • 24 Aug 2021 the motion was passed by the council to proceed with the application.

  • 9 Sep 2021 the motion was rescinded with the view of investigating other sites.

Without exception, Palm Beach is the best place for this purpose. Anywhere else will have limited viewing of the heavens above due to light pollution.

Do you want your children to see the stars in Sydney?

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Northern Beaches Council votes this Tuesday 28 September 2021.



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