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The South American Chilean Eclipse

Ask an astronomer what they saw after experiencing a total solar eclipse, and you’ll get words like “diamond ring”, “Bailey’s Beads” and perhaps “shadow bands” and “first contact” flung at you.

Ask an avid eclipse-chaser and they'll probably show you their t-shirt, talk about the last expedition and give you their sum total of time spent in the shadow of the moon.

Ask a first-timer – almost without exception, you’ll get tears.

Ricardo, our local guide, was no exception. A brave and mighty rock-climber in a past life, was all choked up when I saw him. Having never seen a Total Solar Eclipse before, he didn’t know what to expect and it moved him deeply. I dare say, he will see one again.

You can’t help it. They are addictive. Awe inspiring and totally life changing.

The 6 hour/ 55 km barely moving creep home to our La Serena apartment, gave us insight to the number of curious people who had travelled to see the event. This 4D experience hits all the senses, your pagan roots and a long lust to understand our universe. Even in cloud, it doesn’t cease to inspire.

This South American, Chilean Eclipse, was a particularly special eclipse for Fred and I. At an eclipse years ago Fred proposed to me, married earlier this year, this was our fourth solar eclipse, but our first as a married couple. And what a fabulous couple of minutes it was: One hell of a diamond ring (not on my finger), our enthralled Aussie travelling companions and a deep black sun, it was our perfect (eclipsed) Honeymoon.

Heading back to 2020 for a total solar eclipse in Pucón, brings a new list of beautiful places to visit in the long thin land of Chile. Abundant in Volcanos and lakes, our 8-day expeditions will feature many outdoor-sy activities, fine food and comfortable hotels.

This upcoming eclipse tour will celebrate another event. 14 December is a special day in the world; not only is it going to see an eclipse, not only is it Tycho Brahe’s birthday (historically recognised as the best naked-eye observer of the universe) but it’s Fred’s birthday too!

Could this outshine our 2019 experience?

No doubt it will be very special, but it will take something to beat our vegemite-moon.



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